If you love traveling, then you may want to consider travel to Valencia Spain. The city is among the largest and oldest in Spain, with a favorable climate, good food and fantastic art and science centers to improve your travel experiences. Below are reasons why you should travel to Valencia Spain.

1. Spectacular Beaches

In most cases, we travel in search of a spacious place where we can relax and at least break the monotony in our daily lives. The Arenas, La Malvarorrsa, and La Garrofera beaches are there to ensure that you have the beach life experience. The beaches are big, has the best sand, shops and large establishments serving the best foods and drinks. They are located a few kilometers from the city, accessible through road transport.

2. It is an old city bringing about the ancient feeling

If you find history utterly fantastic, then Valencia should be among your destination points. The principal ancient spots are the Cathedral and La Lonja de la Seda among others. To enhance your experience, it is essential that you explore the city where you will come across small churches and shops as well as ancient street art. The Water Tribunal that happens every Thursday afternoon is also an old event you should not miss. The locals present their irrigation problems like it was more than a thousand years ago.

3. Favorable Climate

Valencia City’s climate is sunny for most of the time all around the year. The short winter season is manageable due to its little rain. You get to enjoy the sunny weather under the shade of the palm trees found almost everywhere.

4. The Valencia Uncommon Culture

The local people in this city have a unique language that distinctively distinguishes them from the rest of the Spanish people. The city also continues to enjoy traditional practices such as Las Fallas festivals, the traditional food and dress codes among others.

Traveling to Valencia, Spain guarantees an experience like no other. Plan to travel to Valencia Spain on your next holiday and enjoy meeting the beautiful people as well as exploring a new culture.